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©2019 by Speed Limit 18


Speed Limit 18, our group based out of Delaware which consists of long time friends Oliver (producer, singer, writer, piano, drums), Drew (bass, co-singer/writer), Zach (guitar, co-singer/writer) and Alex (saxaphone, piano, co-singer/writer) , have worked for the past couple years to put out incredible music. I (Oliver Sachs) started the band in 2016 as a solo artist, beginning to write and release our first single, "Herb the Turtle." I went on to release two more songs, "The Moonman" and "Shared Custody Duck," before I realized I needed my friends to help me in my endeavors. Working feverishly, we strived to release an incredible first LP, which has gone public as of January 11, 2019. We will continue working to build up  discography of awe-inspiring songs for you to enjoy!


Signing Off,

Oluver Sachs